We are big enough to work with the largest customers on the most complex jobs, but small enough to be nimble when the situation requires it. Here's our team:

Paul Downs 1986

Founder / President

Founding Date: 1986

Paul founded the company when he was fresh out of college in 1985. Long retired from the bench, Paul acts as general manager. In addition to running the business, Paul is a prolific writer.

"Fortune favors a prepared mind."

Carolina Castro 2019

Project Manager

Carolina is a professional project manager with training in architecture & interior design.

Her passions are high-quality processes, client relationship, and leadership. She manages projects and covers specialty sourcing, logistics, PMO, and project follow-up.

"Thank you!"

Nathan Rossman 1999

Design Engineer

Nate started as a bench cabinetmaker with us in 1999, and has worked his way through every position in the shop. He works with clients to produce custom designs, and guides each of his projects through our entire process.

Nancy Dauti 2024

Design Engineer

Nancy comes to is with a degree in Industrial Design and years of experience in wood shops. Perfect for a design engineer!

Pam Pittenger 1998


Pam has a diverse background in business management and accounting. Pam does our bookkeeping and financial reports.

Tom Neely 2008


Tom builds all kinds of work, and acts as lead on some projects.

"I have a high tolerance for repetitious work."

Ryan Bardsley 2008

Production Manager

Ryan runs all operations. He oversees every project as it passes out of engineering and through the production process. He is responsible for everything that happens in the shop. Ryan is a master cabinetmaker, and specializes in working with the exotic veneers that we use on our table tops.

"Teamwork makes the dream work."

Luis Ordonez 2013


Luis leads the logistics implementation team. His eagle eye and attention to detail is critical to making sure that our work gets shipped on time and without error.

Issac Wahba 2014

Senior Engineer

Issac started as our CNC operator and has worked his way up to lead engineer. He works closely with the production staff to make sure every detail is perfect.

David Dano 2011

Lead Finisher

David is in charge of our finishing department. His day is a combination of heavy physical labor, precise chemistry, and applying the eye of an artist to the production of our fine finishes.

Andy Cole 1997

Senior Project Manager

Andy is our lead project manager and lead engineer emeritus. Andy has been with Paul Downs Custom Furniture since 1997.

Ben Cox 2021


Ben is a mechanical engineer who enjoys working with his hands. This is his first professional experience with high end woodworking. When not in the shop, he can often be found in the climbing gym next door.

Craig Cook 2019


Craig works with David Dano in our finishing department. His day is comprised of precise chemistry, heavy physical labor, and applying the eye of an artist to the production of our fine finishes.

Damien Delany 2018


Damien comes to Paul Downs after an 8-year stint in the US Navy. Damien shifts between the veneering team and finishing.

Eric Getz 2023


Eric has over 12 years of architectural and mechanical design experience. Growing up with a master craftsman as a father, he was constantly building in his wood shop, including professionally for two years.

Eric Leslie 2022


Eric made the move from finish carpenter to woodworker. His years of experience in construction are a valuable addition to our skillset.

Greg Stephens 2019

Logistics and Maintenance

Greg works with Luis Ordonez to make sure work gets wrapped and shipped. He also does much of the shop cleaning and maintenance.

James Heil 2021


James works at the bench making a variety of different items. He's been a professional cabinetmaker for more than two decades.

Kevin Dano 2016

Logistics Manager

Kevin is our Logistics Manager and supervises the crew doing shipping, packing, and installation. He is also in charge of maintaining our shop organization. An experienced craftsman, Kevin assists in production now and then.

Legesse Tesfay 2017


Legesse grew up in a woodworking family in Ethiopia. He builds tables, from rough milling to final assembly.

Mia 2020

Morale and Discipline

Mia assists all of us with her vigilance and attention to detail. She's especially interested in keeping track of our treat supply, and always alert to scritching opportunities. I


Assistant to Mia

Sophie provides assistance to Mia when dog-related issues arise.

Georgia Koulas 2013

Delivery and Installation Specialist

Georgia works with the Project Managers and Logistics Manger to arrange delivery and installation.

Tom Hefferon 2016

Client Relationship Manager

Tom comes to Paul Downs with a wealth of knowledge in customer service, relationship building, sales support, and administration. Tom has an extensive background in media, business and financial, and event marketing.

Crystal Roberts 2018

Graphics & Content

Crystal has a background in design and photography. She creates content for our website, runs our email campaigns, and designs our custom GSA logo layouts.

Michelle Parisi 2016

Sales & Marketing

Michelle ran sales teams for local radio stations before joining us. She is in charge of strategy and implementation of our marketing and sales efforts.


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