Sustainable Furniture

There's more to it than where the materials come from. Design and construction choices must maximize the useful life of the work. And our skillset needs to be conserved.

Here's how we make sure our work is sustainable: 

–We design our work to maximize utility, so it always performs its primary functions.

–We incorporate future-proofing when thinking about functional issues.  In particular, we think about how to accommodate ever-changing technology in order to maximize lifespan.

–We build things using the best methods, so they don’t fall apart.  We choose durable materials and finishes.  We make them repairable when possible.

–We use materials that don’t cause harm before and after processing.

–Natural materials are never uniform. We accept variation in order to make best use of the forest, mine, or quarry where our materials originate.

–We make sure that our work can be disassembled and moved without difficulty, so it doesn’t get thrown away.

Here's how we ensure that our skills do not disappear:

–We provide a good working environment that attracts the best workers.

–We train our workers, and provide feedback so that they can improve their skills.

–We make sure our offerings are competitive.  If we can’t find clients,  the skilled workforce we’ve developed will disappear.

–We offer capabilities and craftsmanship that satisfy the most demanding clients.

–We always try to improve our operations in all respects.


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