A Workshop, Not A Factory

Factories are for making piles of one item. We make one of everything. There's a lot going on at all times. Take a look!

Our 45,000 square foot shop is located in Bridgeport Pennsylvania - just outside Philadelphia. We are heirs to a rich manufacturing tradition dating back centuries. Our company is just one of many in the region that preserve the highest standards of quality fabrication. We have roots in woodworking, but collaborate with our peers to integrate other materials and processes when needed. We have ready access to the Northeast Corridor, and serve the rest of the continent as well. If you are anywhere near, please stop by.

Human hands produce work that no machine can match

Our skills will never be replicated by robots. Our work comes in a huge range of sizes, shapes, materials, and complexity. Our shop floor is changing every day to accomodate our work. We use machines to do what machines do best, and workers to do what only human hands and brains can do.

A Diverse Workforce

Our group shot contains workers from 6 countries: USA, Finland, Egypt, Ecuador, Chile, and Tigray. We're building a skilled team that will preserve our way of working for future decades. Join us!

Skill is Everything

Sure, we use software and machines. But human eyes, hands, and judgement are the essential component of our work.

Staying Safe

We pride ourselves on a safe and comfortable working environment. Simple rule: if you hear that little voice in your head just before you do something dicey, STOP. And we do everything we can to prevent long-term wear and tear from degrading our workers.

A Flexible Shop Floor

We're located in a building built in 1918. It's a great space, with a grid of columns located on 18 foot centers. When we're building really large tables, we have to work around that grid. The largest table we built was a horseshoe shape measuring 170 feet long if straightened out. The picture below shows the table we built for the InterAmerican Development Bank, set up around one of the columns. Our shop floor is 25,000 sf - big enough to handle multiple large tables at once.

Keeping Track

We generally have from 40 to 70 projects on our shop floor at any given time. That means a lot of parts on carts, and a lot of hardware and tools in use. Believe it or not, we know where everything is at all times. It's hard to make photographs of databases look sexy, so you'll have to take our word for it. Everything is under control.


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