How We Collaborate

Our goal is to provide the best vendor experience you've ever had.

Quick and Thorough Response

We understand that you want answers fast.  We’ll do everything we can to provide information that is clear, accurate, succinct, and complete.  It’s not always possible to answer every question immediately.  Sometimes we need time to consult with other parties.  If that happens, we will provide an estimated time to complete the request.  

Budgeting Assistance

It’s not easy to provide pricing for custom work.  We have an algorithm-based pricing model that allows us to develop budgets for a very wide range of items.  And our internal records give us a detailed look at thousands of past projects.  We can make reasonable pricing projections based on the size and complexity of the proposed project.  Most importantly, we are used to working with a very wide range of clients.  We can work to your target budget.


Scheduling Assistance

We’re used to working with clients with very tight schedules, and clients who may be years from completing a project.  We use a custom ERP system that integrates all aspects of our operation from initial contact to post delivery.  That means we have a very good idea of our capacity at any moment.  And we can keep track of every aspect of every job.  You can trust us to know what is happening with your project no matter where it is in the process.

Technical Support

Are you wondering what is both possible and practical?  We’re always happy to provide answers to your “How can I….?” questions.  And our vast experience with every kind of custom table means that you can’t stump us.  Our special expertise is in wood construction, both solids and veneers.  Want to explore some cool looks that stand out from the crowd?  Give us a call.

Design Support

We expect our professional partners to take the lead with their design vision.  And we know that it’s difficult to spend as much time on every detail as you would wish.  We stand ready to do as much design as you desire.  Our response ranges from providing pricing and timeframe for your completed design, to working directly with your clients to provide a complete design that delights them.  In our initial consultation with you, we identify what work you want us to do, and how involved you want to be.  And we always keep you informed as the project develops.


We know that most people can’t understand the abstract design formats that professionals use.  We’ve developed advanced modeling and rendering capabilities so that anyone can understand our proposed solutions.  We’re happy to share those skills with our professional partners.  Great images are the first step to happy clients.

Samples & Mockups

Renders can be great, but nothing beats seeing materials in real life, in their intended space and light.  We provide custom samples whenever requested.  We also make full size mockups of portions of a project that need to be reviewed for problems that drawings and renders don’t reveal.  (The picture shows a portion of a stone-topped table design, ready to be shipped to the client.)

Logistics & Installation

Being a great fabricator doesn’t mean much if you can’t get the completed work to where it needs to go.  We are experts on planning the journey from our shop to the client’s location.  We are also used to managing installation.   We work with our clients to identify potential problems, and we make sure that all challenges are addressed before disaster strikes.  No excuses.  No passing the buck.  Paul Downs provides the end-to-end solution.


We wouldn’t be in business if post-delivery problems were common, but we also couldn’t survive if we didn’t step up when there are issues.  Our project management team is on top of our work from start to finish and beyond. Even if it requires an extreme effort, we pledge to leave every client happy.


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Google Rating
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