Tables Are Just The Beginning

Our specialty is tables, in every size and configuration. We also make all of the other furniture for a boardroom: credenzas, lecterns, side tables, and custom seating. We make reception desks and custom office suites for leadership. We make large dining tables with self storing leaves. We’ve also made all of the furniture one might find in a home or office. Not sure who can make your dream a reality? Ask us!

Tables, Tables, Tables

Tables come in enormous variety.  Over the years, we’ve built just about every size, shape, configuration, and feature set, while working to a range of budget targets.  We specialize in large sizes, unusual shapes, complex A/V features, modular and reconfigurable, logos and branding, and anything else that you can’t find in a catalog.  Some of our clients just want a table that will leave visitors speechless.  No matter what you need, we’ve done it.


Most of our table clients want credenzas to match.  We’ve made almost as many varieties as we have tables.  Many of them incorporate mixed materials (stone, quartz, or laminate tops for durability, wood case for beauty, with an occasional metal accent.)  Many have other special features, like A/V racks with ventilation, trash pullouts, recycling centers, motorized compartments,  secure document shredding . .  . we love a challenge, so whatever you need, just ask us.

Credenzas with Refrigerators

Credenzas with refrigerators are a popular request.  We have worked with a lot of different types and sizes of fridges, in both single door and drawer configurations.  Integrating a refrigerator into a credenza is a technical challenge – there are aesthetic, structural, ventilation, and cost issues to consider.  If you need a credenza with fridge, give us a call.

Communal and Other Tables

There are lots of table sizes, shapes, and configurations that you can’t get in a catalog.  We’ve built a huge variety of tables that defy easy categorization.  In most of those cases, it’s some combination of unusual size and shape, or a very particular functional need, that requires custom.  When it needs to be better than ordinary, we can help.


As with credenzas, many of our clients are looking for a lectern that matches their table.  Our expertise in logos and branding makes it easy for us to go beyond the ordinary functional requirements, and deliver a product that proudly proclaims our clients’ identity.

Reception Desks

We’ve been making reception desks for more than 3 decades.  We have extensive experience with the unique aesthetic, structural, and functional requirements these pieces present.  We’ll take your ideas and make sure that they are the basis of a successful project.

Storage & Bookcases

We build storage units for our clients that are tailored to their requirements.  Our thorough design and project management process ensures that what the client wants is what they get.  We do both built in and freestanding units.

Custom Office Suites

When senior leadership wants to make sure that their own space is functional and aesthetically pleasing, we are the solution.  Our decades of experience making office suites allow us to contribute our deep understanding of how different people work, and what infrastructure they need to support their work style.

Other Custom Work Stations

We have long experience designing and constructing custom work stations.  Bring us your idea and we’ll contribute our ergonomic, engineering, and construction expertise to realizing your vision.

Dining Tables

Before we specialized in boardroom and conference tables, we were a small local shop that produced custom dining furniture.  We have extensive experience with tables with self storing leaves, and very large tables.  As with all of our other work, we deploy our extensive experience, engineering prowess, and superb fabrication so that your client is getting the best table they have ever seen.


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Google Rating
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