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Pre-construction render.
Pre-construction render
Table on our shop floor

Hancock Lumber

Casco, ME

Hancock gave us two problems to solve.  First, can we make a 12’ diameter table with wiring?  No problem – that’s smallish table for us.  Second, can we use Maine woods?  That’s tougher.  Hancock sells construction lumber – unsuitable for fine furniture.  Designer Nathan Rossman proposed putting a slice from pine log under glass in the middle of the table.  Show me what that looks like, said the customer.  Nathan’s rendering skills brought the concept to life. Client loved it. The completed table is even better than the concept. Hancock’s custom table is a unique and satisfying way to bring people together. 

After researching custom furniture makers online we discovered Paul Downs. A few years passed between introducing our concept and moving into our new office space where we engaged Paul Downs and worked together. Our designer, Nathan, absolutely nailed it - he listened intently, researched our company independently, and asked the right questions to complete our vision. The custom, 16-person round table is an absolute work of art, along with the other pieces we purchased. Thanks for making this process personal, resulting in timeless pieces for our new corporate office!

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