Peak 8 Table

Easy Reconfiguration in a Durable Package

Pre-construction render showing complete table
Pre-construction render showing dining configuration
Completed table on our shop floor
Table on our shop floor prior to finishing
Rustic textured red oak veneer

Peak 8 Construction

Breckenridge, Colorado

Peak 8 asked us for a table large enough for their 24 workers, with the ability to quickly break it into smaller tables for company meal events.  We fabricated three smaller tables (two trapezoids and a rectangle) that can be set up any number of ways.  Tops are done in a highly textured white oak veneer with power in the center.  The rough-textured veneer hides minor dings and scratches.  Bases are made of steel tube with internal wire runs.  The power units daisy-chain when the table is all together.  

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