Lockheed Martin Scissoring Table

No-Fuss Reconfiguration in a Flash

Table in open position
Table in closed position
On the shop floor: closed
On the shop floor: partially open

Lockheed Martin

Orlando, Florida

Clients like scissoring tables because one room can serve for internal facing board meetings, or for video conferencing, or on-screen data review.  The usual configuration is a pivot at one end with two arms moving. Our proprietary raise/lower mechanism means the table can be unlocked and opened with one hand, in under 5 minutes.  In the words of the client: 

A guest came in and didn’t like the shape of the table. I was then delighted to tell him I could fix that. A few minutes later, I had changed it to the other configuration and he was ecstatic…Above and beyond the furniture itself, the team has been phenomenal to work with every step of the way. I can’t recall a better experience working with any other vendor.”

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