Align Design (For the Indigo Hotel)

Live Edge with Custom Logo & Wiring

Pre-construction render, showing the slab we used.
Pre-construction render
Pre construction render
Completed table on our shop floor
Stunning ash grain, with carved inlaid logo

Align Design for the Indigo Hotel

Silverthorne, CO

The interior designer approached us for a table to serve as a focal point for a paddling-themed hotel.  Directly above the table there’s a light fixture made of an old kayak.  She loved our suggestion of a live-edged slab with custom logo.   Our double-ended paddle echoes the kayak theme.   The renders we provided before construction show the ash slab we used, so the designer could show her client exactly what their table would look like.  This table also features wiring with plugs for 120v current and USB charging.

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