World Bank ECB Room

A/V Nightmare? Reconfiguration? No problem!

In all its glory
Another day, another meeting
Top detail. Hatches are removable for access to wire trough.
Witness table can be rolled into the center of the large table.

World Bank

Washington, DC

Starting with a concept by DBI Architects, Paul Downs fabricated another complex table for the World Bank in 2011.  This one also needed to handle varying numbers of their special translation units.  And they wanted one end to be removable (without tools) so that they could put witnesses in the center.  And it had to harmonize with the existing interior.  We engineered the table so that one end of the oval could be detached and wheeled away.  All parts featured a  continuous wire trough covered with 72 stainless steel hatches, allowing for easy access at any point.  We also made matching a matching witness desk.  The room has been in heavy use for over a decade.

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